Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PS 3: Heavenly Sword Ships

Sony Computer Entertainment America just announced that Heavenly Sword, created by development studio Ninja Theory., has shipped to retail throughout North America. The title is so far a PS3- exclusive.
Heavenly Sword Ships tells the story of Nariko, a clan leader's daughters on a vengeance quest against an invading King and his army.The titular sword is a dangerous weapon that grant tremendous power to whomever wields it.When King Bohan destroy the warriors that guards the Heavenly Sword, Nariko takes up the sword desperate fight for survival.In this hopeless hour Nariko's people and even her father finally forced to admit that she is their only hope.

Features of
Heavenly Sword Ships:

The Heavenly Sword itself can transform into three distinct stances which players can switch between on the fly allowing players to create their own fighting styles
The Combat Engine – The combat engine can scale up from sophisticated one-on-one encounters to one-on-many, where enemies employ intelligent squad-based dynamics, right up to combat against battalions pushing real-time gameplay and Artificial Intelligence to unprecedented new levels.
Physics-Based Combat – The physics-based combat allows players to sweep debris against opponents, kick tables to halt an oncoming surge of fighters, smash the enemy into the scenery, or throw bodies into other enemies using aftertouch controls.
Wide range of objects and weaponry- including multi-skewering spears and devastatingly explosive bazookas
Creative in-game Cinematography – Coupled with real-time story evolvement and amazing set-pieces, Heavenly Sword feels like a blockbuster action movie that takes combat gameplay to new heights.