Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Witcher

Genre: Action RPG

Publisher: Atari
Developer: CD Projekt Red Studio
Release Date
: October 30, 2007

The Witcher is a computer-playing game in development for the PC by CD Project. The Witcher is an action RPG,and based on the work of tremendously popular Polish novelist Andrezj Sapkowski. The story of “The Witcher” is set in the realm of best selling fantasy saga by the same title.

The Witcher follows to the profession of the main character Geralt, a man who becomes a witcher-who was specifically chosen as a child,then intensely trained and transformed by mutations to become a member of a brotherhood that protects the people by hunting and killing monsters such as warewolves and various forms of undead.


  • King Foltest- the king of Temeria, the overlord of Pontar and Mahakam, the senior protector of Brugge and Sodden. In a nutshell – a big fish and a very important character in the world created by Sapkowski.
  • Geralt- a man who becomes a witcher, protector of the people.


  • Graveir
  • Weyvern
  • Fledder- cahracterized by a bat-like snout vampire-like fangs and an equally bloodthirsty inclination to sink its canines into unsuspecting flesh.
  • Shtriga-she holds too much of a grudge against those characterized by regular respiratory breathing.
  • Kikimore- kikimore is one of the more known monsters, it paradoxically still hides many secrets. At first glance it resembles some sort of colossal spider or other insect but in reality the kikimore has nothing to do with that sort of fauna.
  • Bruxa- one of the rarest and simultaneously most dangerous of the higher vampire.