Friday, September 21, 2007

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Meteoroid Prime 3: Corruption is a videogame for the Wii Nintendo. It was released on August 27, 2007 in North America and soon to be released in Europe. developed by Retro Studios and published by

Meteroid Prime 3: corruption is a 3D first-person adventure Wii Remote and Nunchuck. The Wii Remote allows the player to aim and fire weapons, switch between visors, engage Hypermode, and pull up the Logbook, Map and Inventory screens to read detailed information about the various items Samus has encountered. game. The story in Corruption follows after the events from the second game. The series heroine, Samus Aran is ordered to investigate a problem with the federation's “Aurora Unit”. Throught the adventure, players will encounter other hunters that are part of the federation and few old enemies make a return to the game. The player controls Samus using the

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