Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Universe at War: Earth Assault

Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Petroglyph
Release Date: October 30, 2007

Universe at War: Earth Assault is a real-time-strategy game developed by Petroglyph and produced by Sega. The game features unprecedented customization, innovative multiplayer features, and a near-future Earth under siege by aliens.

Universe at War: Earth Assault, begin in the year 2012, where different species are fighting each other for dominance of earth.

The first of these three factions is the Novus, a race of sentient machines, Novus employs trickery, hit-and-run tactics and high-tech weaponry to foil their nemesis, The Hierarchy.The Novus have three ground vehicles:Variants, Antimatter Tanks and Field Inverters. Variants are rather cheap and durable, Antimatter Tanks cause chain reaction explosions which deal incredible damage against vehicles and buildings and Field Inverters can create a bubble-like shield around itself and nearby units. The Novus also have two flying units, Corruptors and Dervish. Corruptors use lasers to deal damage to enemies. Dervish are fast aerial damage dealers.

The second of the three factions is the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy is the most powerful force in the galaxy using its giant walkers to ruthlessly spread its dominion over the universe now it has come to add earth to its long list of conquest. The Hierarchy's builder units, Glyph Carvers, trace glyphs into the surface of the planet which call down Walkers from the mother ship.
The final faction is the Masari, few but powerful, The Masari wield the powers of light and dark energy to save their adopted world from the hierarchy's advance. The two infantry units for the Masari are Disciples and Seers. Disciples are your typical bread-and-butter infantry unit, while Seers have the ability to detect invisible units and, later down the tech tree, burn enemies alive simply by staring at them.

Game Features

Tactical Dynamics
Use tactical dynamics to customize your armies on the fly. Giving you the ability to adapt o each individual challenge or battle.

Three unique factors
play as any of three unique factions, each of which has its own specific strengths: control the awesome walkers of the hierarchy. Command the sentiment machines of Novus or unleash the epic power of the Masari.

Online Rewards Affect Gameplay
Earn Online rewards that affect gameplay. Such as achievement medals that will give a boost to the skills of your faction and units.

Persistent Multiplayer profile
Create a persistent multiplayer profile that grows with you in rank and appearance as yoi gain more and more experience in online battles,

Real-world, Modern-Day Environment
Play in real-worl, modern-day environment, including the capitol building in Washington D.C and the Pramid of Egypts.

Special Hero Units
Utilize special Hero Units to gain various bonuses for your forces.

Massive Scale Units
Command Massive Units that dominate the landscape and lay waste to everything in their path.

Cross Platform Play
PC and Xbox360 gamers can play across the platforms for the very first time in an RTS

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